School: Sruthar (C.)

Shrule, Co. Mayo
Bríd, Bean Uí Éanacháin

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Sruthar (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 247

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The Races of Belmulet.
Luarabóg, larabóg, buidhe Ó Néill,
Néill a pribeán, pribeán sualach, sualac seág, seág mineán.
Dá cois plúbán, lomán lachaigh, cuir na gallaigh isteach i bhplaitheas.

Lural, laral, limeral lock,
Five miles, its ten o'clock, I sat too soon, I nailed spoon.
I lent the spear to write to the King.
Hickidy, Hackidy, black put in.
Lural, laral, limeral lock,
Five miles, I sat in a block,
Please give me the lend of your spear to kill a fat deer.
White cow, black cow, follow to the rock tail, heckler.


The Races of Belmullet
Long ago there was a Jew living in Bellmullet and he did not like cats. He told people that he would give them a half crown for every live cat they would bring to him. They all brought in their cats to him, and so

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