School: Sruthar (C.)

Shrule, Co. Mayo
Bríd, Bean Uí Éanacháin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 100

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1. On November's night peel an apple without breaking the skin, light a candle, and look into the glass, and you will see the man you will marry.
2. If the door opens of itself it is a sign of a death.
3. On November's Night, put all the letters of the alphabet into a bowl of water, and the initials of your future husband will float together.
4. It is right to make the Sign of the Cross when you light a fresh candle.
5. It is right to leave a house by the same door that you entered, otherwise you will have bad luck.
6. When giving away milk, always add a little drop of water.
7. If you have anything nice for tea on November's Night, leave some of it on the window for the Poor Souls.
8. If the man of a house dies, and if he owned a horse, sell that horse, and buy another, or that horse will die on the land.
9. Never sweep the house out on the threshold after dark, or you might blind the fairies. Leave the sweepings behind the door.

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