School: Naomh Seosamh, Shrule

Shrule, Co. Mayo
Mícheál Ó Reachtaire

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Naomh Seosamh, Shrule | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 074

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Chonnaich an tighearna an corp agus caith sé urchair agus cheap sé go raibh an rógaire marbh aige agus chuaidh an tighearna amach leis an gcorp a chur acht nuair a bhí an tighearna imigthe cuaidh an rógaire isteach agus ghoid sé an braithlín. Nuair a tháinig an tighearna isteach dubhairt sé len a bhean. "ceardh a rinne tú leis an braithlín." Dubairt sí nach ndearna sí aon rud leis an mbraithlín. Tháinig an róghaire an lá ar na bháireach agus an braithlín aige. Thug an tighearna céad punt don roghaire agus chuaidh an rógaire abaile leis an gcéad punt.

There was once a man living in Brackloon and one day he was cutting sticks in the tomb at the time when the landlord was after dying in Dalgan. When he was going home with the sticks he met a man dressed in brown. He thought he knew this man and he said "good evening" but he got no answer and he was very puzzled. When he had gone a little bit the man in brown called him and asked him where he was going. The man told him to leave the sticks down and go home

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Daniel Kelly
Dalgan Demesne, Co. Mayo
Stephen Murphy