School: Lochán na mBan (roll number 7816)

Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo
Tomás Ó Conghaile

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Lochán na mBan | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 309

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In this village there is a Phantom motor - car to be seen. It usually appears about six months before any person of the village dies.
it is a very big motor car about as big as a great big Ford. There two big lights in front of it and two small little lamps. There is one taillight. When it is moving it makes no noise and it keeps abut thirty yards away from you. It comes from the bog beside the village or sometimes from the main road.
Marginal note: This car has been seen by almost every person in the village of Rockfield.

James Weldon Loughanemon Claremorris

Ballyhowley Castle
About three miles from this school is situated the village of Ballyhowley. There is a river running through it from Derry lake to the sea. On the banks of the river there is a mighty castle called Ballyhowley castle.
This castle is round in shape and is about forty yards in height

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James Veldon
Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo