School: Lochán na mBan (roll number 7816)

Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo
Tomás Ó Conghaile

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Lochán na mBan | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 305

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XIII Better late than never.
XIV Every straw makes a bundle.

Long ago people never troubled much about doctors. They always used heir own cures for sickness.
The Chin cough
This is called the whooping cough because the child that has it has a queer sound in his throat. The cures for this were, ferret's leavings asse's milk and a roast mouse.
They gave the ferret a big feed and what was left over the got it. He did not know the difference and he would eat it as fast as it was given to him.
Lingering cough
This is called asthma and bronchitis and is very dangerous. The bulbs of garlic pierced, and steeped in a pint of brandy will cure this. The brandy should be buried in soil for two weeks to make it right for drinking.
Yellow jaundies
This disease sometimes kills people because they let it go too far. The cure for the disease is garlic steeped in brandy. The garlic which grows in the garden should be twenty-

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James Veldon
Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo