School: Lochán na mBan (roll number 7816)

Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo
Tomás Ó Conghaile

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Marriage Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 276

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Ciss McHugh Continued
Marriage Customs

In this part of the country marriages are not held in the seasons of Lent and Advent. It is supposed to be an unlucky time to get married. It is not the custom of the people to get married on Fridays. The old people used to say it was an unlucky day to get married.
The match is usually made on fair days. The match is usually made in a public house. Sometimes it is made in a tap room or in a parlour. The man asks so much money. The girl’s people promises so much money to the man.
The man promises to come to the house some night for the money. Then the man and the woman will arrange the day to get married.
The people will go

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Ciss Mc Hugh
Loughaunnaman, Co. Mayo