School: Claremorris (B.) (roll number 9863)

Claremorris, Co. Mayo

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Old Crafts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 136

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Old Crafts
Long ago the people of the district made nearly all the things they wanted but nowadays there is not much demand for the home made goods. A man by the name of Martin Mullee used to make rod baskets.
He had many rods growing in his garden and it was with them he made his baskets. The people of the locality bought them from him. He made his living by selling baskets and tilling a small bit of land.
Thatcher Cleary, as he is called, is still going about the district thatching for the people. He made a good bit of money by thatching and he is living in facefield. There is a lime kiln in Streamstown and one in Garranabba. The owner of the one in Garranabba is Pat Hughes. He never burnt lime in it but his father did and sold the lime when he did not want it.
M. Conroy, B.N.S. Claremorris

M. Conroy