School: Claremorris (B.) (roll number 9863)

Claremorris, Co. Mayo

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A Funny Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 117

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A Funny Story
Outside the town of Claremorris there stands a small village named "Leag An Teampaill". In olden times there was a church there. It happened that the friar of the chapel had a fine turkey and the men of the place wanted him to play cards for it. But the friar would not consent. Then they planned to stick a pin in the turkey's breast. They did this and the turkey was always screeching. The priest was wondering what was wrong and he asked one of the boys what was wrong with the turkey "ah the devil is in her, Father" says my man. The priest was a very holy man and he said "take her away out of that quickly". The fellow took the turkey away and his companions and, he played for her that night.

T. Ruane. B.N.S. Claremorris.

T. Ruane