School: Baile an Daingin (B) (roll number 1676)

Ballindine, Co. Mayo
Séamus P. Ó Gríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 762

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 762

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  1. XML School: Baile an Daingin (B)
  2. XML Page 762
  3. XML “Nestor and the Dane”

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  1. A man named Michael Nestor lived in Cuan Ard. It is half way from Ballindine to Irish Town. He was married and he had two children also. He was working for a Dane. The Dane had a lot of land. He was living in the Dane's hole.
    Every day the Dane would come out to Nestor dressed in different clothes and if the man would not obey him he would scourge the poor man. He had a "cat o'nine tails" for the job.
    At last the Dane would not pay the man at all. The man was dying witt the hunger. He said to his wife one morning to boil one of his sons for dinner. The poor was crying.
    A beggar man came in and he aasked her why she was crying. She told him the story. He told her to put down a pot of water and he would put down a pot of food. She was delighted when he told her that.
    When the man came home he would not ate the food until he would get to know where it came from. They
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    James Kivneen
    Lugalisheen South, Co. Mayo
    Michael Hynes
    Lugalisheen South, Co. Mayo