School: Baile an Daingin (B) (roll number 1676)

Ballindine, Co. Mayo
Séamus P. Ó Gríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 734

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 734

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    at a different house every night. They used to have blocks of stones to sit on. They used to have slates to write on which they kept their knees. They used to learn Irish and English and sums. They used not wear any shoes. They used to have a small fire near the door. The coals used to be kept on stones. The smoke used to go out the door. There was no chiminey in it. The teacher used to have seven classes. Namely, infants, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth class.
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  2. There was an old hedge school in Tulrahan about five miles and a half from Irishtown. It was in behind a big high hedge. It was made of wooden boards and a kind of a flat roof covered with rushes.
    There were big boys and girls going to that school. They used to get a head line to write every day. When they used to go to school in the winter time they used to carry two sods of turf under their arms
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    William Heneghan
    Coollicknalea, Co. Galway
    Mrs Nora Heneghan
    Coollicknalea, Co. Galway