School: Baile an Daingin (B) (roll number 1676)

Ballindine, Co. Mayo
Séamus P. Ó Gríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 669

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 669

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  1. At the weddings one time there used to be often ten or twenty side cars. They used go at full speed home and this was called the "dragging home". Often Christmas the match making used to start. a puplic house was a great place for them. The two parties used to meet at the public house two or three times. First the marriage was drawn down. When the bridegroom's father consents to give up the place on condition that the bride has so much of a dowry. They used to go to the girls house for the money befour she got married. The months considered unlucky one May and October.
    When the bride and bridegroom would be going out the door an old shoe was always flung after them. The bride used to go to the chapel in her own car and the bridegroom used to go in his own car. He used to manage to get the best house always. The two of them used to go home in one car. Anybody who had a white house was not allowed to be in the "dragging home". All of the cars used to start off at full speed
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    Louis Mc Hugh
    Branraduff, Co. Mayo
    John Mc Hugh
    Branraduff, Co. Mayo