School: Balla (C.)

Balla, Co. Mayo
Katie M. Walker

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Care of the Feet

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0096, Page 42

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Our feet are a very useful and a tender part of our bodies and need great care. In olden times some people wore their first pair of shoes on their wedding day and other wore them at the ages of twelve and fourteen.
One night at nine o'clock Auntie was coming home from town and she saw "this thing" coming towards her. When it came near her it was a woman without shoes. Auntie afterwards heard that the woman never wore shoes only when she was going into the town. She is seventy-five years of age now and does not wear shows until one o'clock in the day and she says that she has no time to put them on. Nearly all the children go bare footed in summers.
There are three shoemakers in the district and one is a lady shoemaker. She banned her trade from the father and she can make and repair shoes and her grandfather could also make shoes. There were a greater number of shoemakers in this district in former times than there are now-a-days because now we import shoes from England. There are factories springing up in Ireland.
Clog soles were made in a big house in Moate.

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Katie M. Walker