School: Ball Áluinn (Balla) (roll number 1146)

Balla, Co. Mayo
P. Ó Maolanaigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0095, Page 197

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Wheat was grown in this parish and was ground into flour in Flanagan's Mill. This mill has been a ruin now for almost 50 years. Oat meal was used also for cakes. The meal was mixed with water, kneaded on the table and shaped round. Then it was put in a hollow on the hot hearthstone in front of the fire standing up. When one side was done the other side was turned to the fire. Cakes were baked between leaves of cabbage in my grandmother's time. Some coals of peat were put on the top of the caggage. This was called a "cáca i dteallach"
Boxty bread was made from new potatoes. The potatoes were grated with a tin grater. It was usually made at the time of the digging of the potatoes. When the grated material was considered enough, it was put into a cloth. This was held by two people, one taking each end. They twisted the grated potatoe until the water was all squeezed out into a vessel. The dry pulp was now mixed with a little flour and sometimes a boiled potato. It was baked and eaten hot with butter.
Potato cake was made from boiled potatoes. They are broken up on the table over some flour, scattered lightly on the board. No milk or water is necessary. A little salt is used. The cake is breaded round a little of the flour being taken up in the

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P. Ó Maolanaigh