School: Cnoc Aoibhinn (Mount Pleasant) (roll number 13500)

Mountpleasant, Co. Mayo
Peadar Ó Longáin

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0090, Page 091

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Whooping cough

1. Milk is given to a ferret. He is allowed to drink some of it. The remainder is given to children who have the whooping cough.
2. A cure is got from a man riding a white horse. The horseman is told that the children have the whooping cough. He knows that the person wishes to get a cure. He tells him to give the children warm milk or some other simple drink. This is supposed to cure the children. If the horseman is asked for the cure it has no effect.
1. If a person who has warts by chance sees a rock with a hole containing water he washes the warts and says.
"Holy water on his rock.
Here I come to cure my warts."
The warts gradually disappear.
2. A black slug is rubbed three times on the wart. Then it is hung up on a black thorn bush

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John Whyte
Carrownaltore, Co. Mayo