School: Naomh Angela, Caisleán an Bharraigh (roll number 14410)

Castlebar, Co. Mayo
An tSr. M. Muireadhaigh

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Daoine Cáiliúla

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 427

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Daoine Cailiula
The London crowds drifting through the Strand often stopped to stare at a "new print just fixed up" and which attracted a continuous crowd of Admirers all through the day to the window. The print was one from a painting just done by one of the fashionable artists of the beautiful Lady Coventry. perhaps the most lovely of the crowded roll of famous beauties. Looking on that attractive face and graceful figure which turned half the fashionable heads in London her strange and romantic history, as yet never told consecutively, seems to rise out of the past more entertaining than a romance, and quite as profitable as a sermon, considering her sad end.
There was a certain Irish gentleman living in the west who is set down in the books of heraldry as John Gunnings Esq. Co. Roscommon, who married Miss Bridget Burke who resided with her sisters at Castlebar (tradition says Blackford Castle) and whose brother was then Earl of Mayo.
It would be a daring flight of imagination to think when presented with his first and second children that both would occupy such dazzling positions in the then most exclusive nobility in the world. The future Miss Gunnings were born at Castlecoote Co. Roscommon, their father's place. Maria the eldest coming into the world in the year 1733, the other Elizabeth the year after. The result of the marriage was one son and five daughters.

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