School: Naomh Angela, Caisleán an Bharraigh (roll number 14410)

Castlebar, Co. Mayo
An tSr. M. Muireadhaigh

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Cistí Óir i bhFolach

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0089, Page 407

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In the townland of Turlough nearly all: the inhabitants were orangemen and protestants and they thought to kill the catholics. They had a battle and the orangemen said they would drown their money in Poll' a Dailtín and they swore by the Bible if they would beat the catholics they would draw ther money back and if they would lose the day they would lose the money. They tied the barrel of gold to a trunk of a tree and let it goto the bottom of the hole where it lies still.
Seventy years ago one Lord Fitzgerald said he would try to get the money. so he got all his tenants to cut a river around this hole of water and no drops of water could get into that pond.
There were two pumping engines pumping from eight o' clock in the morning till twelve noon. It was two feet below the level then when dinner hour was over it was eighteen inches higher than when they started. Lord Fitzgerald got a diver to go down a man called Herran, and he came up without succeeding as a serpent was twisted around the barrel of gold He would not go down again if he got all the money free. My grand-father James Kenny was one

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Ellin Kenny
Corradrish, Co. Mayo
Richard Kenny
Corradrish, Co. Mayo