1. E166.19.00001

    Tombs, grave, cross, flagstone: Death memorial on Clare/Galway border.

  2. F008.24.00005


    Rocks: Finn McCool's Stone on cliff-heads. Francey Lamont and boy named Darragh in picture.

  3. F037.25.00005


    Trees: Fairy bush. Lone Thorn in Jemmy Ned's (Murphy) field at Dromintee.

  4. A001.23.00064

    Landscape: Mound at Lattin.

  5. I006.28.00001


    Old, queer, peculiar, unusual thing: The Bat: "This bat flew through an upstairs window, down the stairs, and I thought the divil had arrived to smash the lamp, a Tilley type. I was reading; everyone else in bed. I had to kill it to save them."

  6. K025.24.00001


    Local traditions - Historic, local event: Marconi's Cottage. Interior view. Inlet on left is a 'bole', oblong-shaped in wall.

  7. K025.25.00001

    Local traditions: Historic - local event; Slieve Gullion, the cave on the summit, known locally as 'The Cailleach Beara's House.'

  8. K025.24.00002


    Local traditions - Historic, local event: Marconi's Cottage where experiements in wireless telegraph were carried out in 1905 to Rathlin.

  9. K014.25.00001

    Political History: Bessbrook, old pistol found in tree.

  10. D136.33.00001

    The Army: Positioning a gun.

  11. D136.33.00002

    The Army: Barracks and artillery exercises.

  12. D136.33.00005

    The Army: Operating gun.

  13. D136.33.00006

    The Army: Operating gun.

  14. K014.21.00001


    Political History: Fenian Flag, Anglesboro.

  15. K025.24.00003


    Local traditions - Local event: Marconi Cottage. This one bears the plaque.

  16. K030.24.00001

    Strife and combat/opression and bravery: Pike found on Rathlin being held by Peter McMullen who now owns it.

  17. K030.15.00001


    Strife and combat/opression and bravery: Pike head found in Bavan, Omeath by Peter Sloan of Bavan.

  18. A001.18.01045


    Landscape: Blasket Landscape.

  19. H032.18.00021


    St Brigid's Day and Brigid's Cross: Brídeoga, Cill Ghobnait.

  20. A061.01.00001


    Old buildings: Spanish arch.

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