Her pig will not jump over the stile so that she can go home. She appeals in vain for help until the cow gives her milk. The final formula is: cow give milk for the cat, cat kill rat, rat gnaw rope, rope hang butcher, butcher kill ox, ox drink water, water quench fire, fire burn stick, stick beat dog, dog bite pig, pig jump over stile. [We have also included here the story of how one person stole berries from another; the quest for a stick to beat the culprit, and so on. An Tuaimín Sméar.]

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    Bhí sean bhean ann aon uair amháin agus is fad ó bhí. Bhí sí ag sguabadh urlár a' tighe lá amháin agus is cosamhail go bhfuair sí reul ins an t-salachar.

    Máire Nic Ceannfhaola
    Anna de Búrc