(The Angel and the Hermit.) An angel takes a hermit with him and does many seemingly unjust things (repays hospitality by stealing a cup; inhospitality by giving a cup; hospitality by throwing his host's servant from a bridge and by killing the host's son). The angel shows the hermit why each of these was just. [NB In Irish tradition the theme is considerably varied. The main forms are: A. Loss of son leaves parents in anguish; they are shown what would have been his fate (Type 934C). B. Someone is worried on seeing a man hanged for a murder that he had not committed; it is shown, however, that he had committed another murder. C. Seemingly unfair distribution of alms is shown to be correct; or, reward for hospitality shown. D. A ship is wrecked because one sinner was on board.]

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    Our Lord and St. Peter were walking along through the country one day and they were admiring the crops.

    Pat Doherty